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Filip Linden began making pastry brushes out of his garage. Word soon spread about the quality and craftsmanship of Linden's brushes. He began making other items and

his products were soon known for their simple elegance yet usability.

Linden’s lessons about the importance of designing useable tools that also looked good became a cornerstone for the Linden’s business. One of the company’s early products – the Jonas Vegetable Peeler - is a perfect example of what happens when you blend great design with Swedish sensibility.

Linden International AB opened Linden Sweden USA, in Edina Minnesota. We feel that “Linden Sweden USA” is Sweden. With the reputation of an entire country on the line, we make sure that the Swedish tradition of design, quality, function and service can be found
in everything in this catalog.


Linden Sweden USA caters to at home and professional chefs, and prides themselves in making sure that the focus continues to honor Filip Linden’s original vision – great looking products that work well.

Daloplast AB and Lindén International AB merged after many years of cooperation. Two strong brands and companies from the same creative region in southern Sweden, formed the household group Dalo Lindén. 


Dalo Lindén currently owns and operates 3 separate manufacturing facilities in Sweden, a US distribution facility and maintains product representation in 23 countries. We are a global company committed to providing our customers with sensible, quality products that are designed to make cooking efficient and fun while maintaining our commitment to the same quality and tradition that are the cornerstone of our business.

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