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Quality is the Difference

Proud to Continue the Tradition

Dalo Lindén maintains the highest quality and safety standards
in Europe.

Our 18/10 Stainless Steel (18% chromium, 10% nickel) has been manufactured in our Motala factory since 1947. The majority of our stainless products are pressure spun, resulting in a lighter product with a superior surface and accurate grading. Our plastic products are manufactured in our Gnosjo factory of recyclable material and are BPA free. Our wood products are all sourced from sustainable forests.

Europe has the highest standard for environmental safety in manufacturing and our products are tested regularly to ensure those standards are followed and maintained. We care about
our environment and take pride in our commitment to its safety
and wellbeing.

Lindén Sweden USA opened in 2003 with a commitment and focus that continues to honor Filip Linden’s original vision – great looking products that work well. 

From our twixit!® bag clip that lasts for over a million uses to our vegetable peelers that will probably be passed down a generation, each product is designed to make a country proud.


Because we manufacture the majority
of our products, we have the ability to customize product, colors and packaging. Please feel free to reach out for assistance with creating your very own Linden Sweden product display. 

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When we develop new products we have to consider choice of material, design and construction in order to achieve a high product quality. Our staff provides good service and efficiency at all levels which contributes to competitive prices.

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